Launched on 01 May 2020

Nick Knight and artist Tino Kamal collaborate on the music video for the artist's new single 'Ocean' featuring Pablo Productions. Knight and Kamal have a long working relationship, this video being their fifth venture together. Knight captures Kamal's romanticism through projections, reflections and calming digital water-like textures.

Main Contributors



London Kings

15 October 2017
An unruly collaboration between image-maker Nick Knight and musician Tino Kamal.


20 May 2002
In a tradition of 'musical model' films that date back to SHOWstudio's inception, Linda Evangelista stars in Nick Knight's fashion film Eclipse.

Diamond Blues

27 November 2000
An intimate Super 8 film featuring Kate Moss, Bobbie Gillespie and an impromptu cover of 'Diamond Blues'.
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