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Interview: Graphic Designer Riya on Designing SHOWstudio's Moving Logo

by Christina Donoghue on 10 July 2023

One of our Moving Logo artists, Riya, speaks to art and culture editor Christina Donoghue about her take on the SHOWstudio logo.

One of our Moving Logo artists, Riya, speaks to art and culture editor Christina Donoghue about her take on the SHOWstudio logo.

SHOWstudio: How would you describe what you do and your aesthetic?

Riya: As a graphic designer by profession, I have worked across multiple domains in the last few years, from branding to editorial design. However, my current work primarily focuses on 3D, where I combine my experience in graphic design and my deep passion for image creation. I put a strong emphasis on visual storytelling and strive to weave emotive narratives into my design, whether it’s 3D Typography or illustration. Through my independent practice, I aim to marry creativity with functionality to create visually captivating experiences that resonate with the viewers.

I would describe my aesthetic as a fusion of playfulness, imagination, and whimsy, infused with a soft palette that evokes a sense of serenity. I usually keep it clean and simple to keep the compositions visually pleasing and harmonious. A lot of the work also features bold letterforms, reflecting my love for typography, which I picked up during my graphic design studies.

Ss: How would you describe the work you have created for SHOWstudio in three words?

Riya: Whimsical, vibrant, delectable.

Ss: What was your creative process like, from concept to creation, in response to Nick Knight’s brief to redesign and reinterpret the SHOWstudio logo?

Riya: Working alongside Nick Knight on creative projects has always been an exhilarating experience, as they offer a unique level of creative freedom. This particular project, tasked with redesigning and reinterpreting the SHOWstudio logo, was no exception, presenting an exciting challenge that allowed me to explore my personal style and artistic preferences.

In approaching typographic 3D design, my process revolves around envisioning distinctive letterforms that strike a balance between uniqueness, cohesiveness, and legibility. By deconstructing and reconstructing letterforms, I aim to transform the text into a rich tapestry of abstract shapes, patterns, and textures, inviting viewers to interpret and engage with the artwork on their own terms. While I typically rely on software experimentation rather than extensive sketching, this project did need a preliminary outline due to the added challenge of thinking beyond the static image and considering the realm of motion. However, throughout the iterative process, I remained open to new ideas that emerged organically, willing to adjust and refine concepts on the spot rather than rigidly adhering to preconceived concepts.

This opportunity to reimagine my customary 3D letterforms as a captivating moving logo demanded careful consideration of legibility and aesthetics from various angles and viewpoints. To achieve this, I meticulously analyzed the logo, carefully considering which elements could be playfully manipulated and which styles, colours, or motions would best complement its essence. I explored symmetrical forms composed of simpler elements, allowing for smooth and fluid motion. To align my interpretation with the studio's distinct style and body of work, I began by identifying keywords that encompassed SHOWstudio's essence and artistic approach.

Ss: What do you think of text as image?

Riya: The text serves a fundamental role in conveying meaning through written language, but often its visual and symbolic potential is overlooked. However, typographic elements and the visual quality of text possess a remarkable ability to evoke emotions and shape thoughts, ultimately enriching the words and their intended meanings. This allows text to transcend its traditional role.

Text-based art blurs the lines between written communication and abstract expression. Text's inherent versatility and adaptability allow endless possibilities in terms of pushing the boundaries of legibility and playing with the expressive potential of letterforms to create a dynamic interplay between the literal and the metaphorical. This approach presents a unique opportunity for layering meanings and crafting depth. It can provide additional context and enhance comprehension. Words can even shed their conventional interpretations through the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated visual elements, giving rise to intriguing associations. Text as image can thus become a powerful vehicle for communication as well as self-expression, exploration, and artistic dialogue.

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