Made in England

Launched on 12 November 2013

Coinciding with the release of Katy England and Vauxhall's film Made in England, SHOWstudio is proud to host one of our signature panel discussions featuring England herself. Joining her in a discussion on youth culture will be Nick Knight, musician Bobby Gillespie, psychotherapist Lesley Hinder and DJ and filmmaker Josh Quinton. Dazed & Confused's books editor Stuart Hammond will be chairing. 




09 February 2001
Nick Knight examines the dark side of gleaming vehicles in this disquieting project.

Dead Can Dance

31 October 2003
Trick or treat? The spooks and creeps came out in force for artist Sam Taylor-Wood's Halloween Party.


09 June 2001
A passionate fan of the 'muscle car' since his childhood, photographer Craig McDean documented the cars and the culture of the American 'bracket-racing' circuit.
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