It's Not About Statues, It's About Liberation

Launched on 24 June 2020

'Taking down statues isn’t erasing history, and I’ll tell you why.'

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The System Isn’t Broken. It Was Built This Way.

09 June 2020
The writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch speaks about how modern Britain must recognise its dark colonial history.

Instagram Takeover: Le Tings

06 July 2020
Curator Harris Elliott, stylist Bevan Agyemang and poet Julianknxx explore fashion's inbuilt racist systems to continue the conversations brought to widespread attention at June 2020's Black Lives Matter protests.


20 February 2013
Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie selected rising artistic talent–and SHOWstudio discovery–Rei Nadal to direct the film for the band's latest release.