House of Gorgeous Gucci

Launched on 15 February 2024

Introducing the legendary House of Gorgeous Gucci. Established in 2019 and already one of the New York City ballroom scene's most exciting houses, SHOWstudio documented the fashion-focused family of queer nightlife legends as they fought to dominate the category ‘Fashion As A House’ in haute couture creations from Area, Viktor&Rolf, and more.

Main Contributors



    Paint It Pink

    23 September 2015
    In the summer of 2014, a film crew followed the antics of the Sink The Pink gang in the weeks leading up to their biggest ever event...


    27 July 2012
    A group of subjects define gender on their own terms and express themselves through their unique style in this poignant project.

    Proud To Protest

    14 February 2014
    SHOWstudio and Gareth Pugh join Amnesty International in their fight against the prejudice and violence directed towards Russia's LGBTI community.
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