Hospital Rooms

Launched on 07 October 2016

Founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White in 2016, Hospital Rooms is a registered charity that promotes the improved wellbeing of mental health service users by enhancing environments in hospitals with art, design and creative activity. Their first initiative saw the refurbishment of The Phoenix Unit at Springfield University Hospital with the help of artists including Gavin Turk, Nick Knight, Mark Power, Sophie Clements and more.

Main Contributors



Interview: Nick Knight on Isabella Blow

07 November 2013
Knight talks to Lou Stoppard about the link between creativity and mental health difficulties in this candid, moving interview.

Essay: A Relentless Desire

18 November 2013
Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! - Simon Kyaga on the interplay between creativity and madness.

Roses, Albion Barn

29 December 2019
Nick Knight's first major still life exhibition in the UK opens at Albion Barn, Oxford.
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