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Fashion Film: Girl

by Nick Knight and Rei Nadal on 23 September 2014

The two directors combine their vision in this examination of voyeurism, creative control and hyper femininity starring model Ali Michael.

The two directors combine their vision in this examination of voyeurism, creative control and hyper femininity starring model Ali Michael.

Film Edit:
Ali Michael at IMG Models
Set Design:
Andrew Tomlinson at Streeters
Laura Dominique at Streeters
Tina Outen at Streeters
Marian Newman at Streeters
Photographic Assistance:
Markn Ogue, Britt Lloyd and Matthias Ribe
Set Assistance:
Lyndon Ogbourne and James Robotham
Styling Assistance:
Peghah Maleknejad and Rhys Davies
Make-up Assistance:
Katy Jane Nannestad
Hair Assistance:
Laurence Walker
Executive Producer:
Anna Whiting at Gainsbury and Whiting
Kat Davey at Gainsbury and Whiting
Production Manager:
Shion Hayasaka at Gainsbury and Whiting
Vision Mixing:
Charlotte Spencer and Andrew Smith
Patience Harding
Special thanks to:
Direct Photographic, Motorcycles Direct and Bon Bon Balloons
Look 1:
Ali wears: Pink embroidered silk jacket: Charlotte Lewis; Clear plastic and black floral embroidered dress: Simone Rocha; Purple latex tutu: Atsuko Kudo; Orange and red tutus: Beyond Retro; Pink and black striped tights and white floral choker necklace: Claire's Accessories; Brown and Green metallic leather mary-jane shoes; Meadham Kirchhoff. Rei wears: Yellow wool suit: Marques Almeida; White net top: Vintage John Galliano for Christian Dior; Diamante hair grips: Claire's Accessories
Look 2:
Ali wears: Lime green embroidery Anglaise dress and pink tutu: Ryan Lo; Yellow tulle prom dress and red 'Boy Magnet' trucker cap: The Contemporary Wardrobe; Pink intarsia socks: Stylist's archive; Purple shoes: Converse; Silver chain necklace: Slim Barrett; Pink pig bag: Ashley Williams. Rei wears: Black star patchwork detail denim top: Claire Barrow; Blue crushed velvet trousers: Marques Almeida; Glitter socks: Stylist's archive; Black suede with pink and turquoise detail clogs: Sophia Webster
Look 3:
Ali wears: Red metallic snakeskin coat, mint green silk long sleeve lace dress, mint green slip dress, mint green silk trousers with black lace detail, pastel rainbow knee high boots: Meadham Kirchhoff; Black and mint green embroidered tulle tutu dress: Mairead Lewin Vintage; Red floral jewel choker: Susan Caplan; Pink pearl and red stone necklace: Slim Barrett; Pale blue organza gloves with bow detail: Cornelia James. Rei wears: Blue crushed velvet jacket: Marques Almeida; yellow high-neck top with black cat print: Ashley Williams; Blue sequin embroidered denim jeans: Ashish; Blue glitter ankle socks: Nude leather platform shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Look 4:
Ali wears: Pink plastic hooded parker: Anais Caulfield; Pink wool roll neck and pencil skirt: Sibling; Light brown latex skirt: Atsuko Kudo; Pink wool tights: Meadham Kirchhoff; Tan leather with perspex heel clogs: Georgina Goodman for Luella; Silver crown: Slim Barrett. Rei wears: Black PVC coat with pink fur lining, pink dress with black lace detail: Christopher Kane; Purple glitter tights: Pamela Mann
Look 5:
Ali wears: Purple full skirt dress with feather detail and steel toe cap black velvet boots: Alexander McQueen; Clear plastic skirt with white floral embroidery and black sheer ankle socks with pearl detail: Simone Rocha; Blue layered lace skirt: Ryan Lo; Purple latex tutu: Atsuko Kudo; Embellished pink knickers: Charlotte Lewis; Ring by Delfina Delettrez. Rei wears: Yellow chiffon long sleeve top with feather detail: Marques Almeida; Yellow sequin dress with black kitten motif: Ashley Williams; Pink leopard print ankle boots: Vivienne Westwood
Look 6:
Ali wears: Pink sweetheart taffeta dress and pink and white tulle skirt: Vivienne Westwood; Clear sole sandals: Simone Rocha; Jewellery: Freedom at Topshop. Rei wears: Blue and yellow lace dress with neon floral detail: Erdem; Rainbow glitter tights: Stylist's archive; Nude leather platform shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Look 7:
Ali wears: Pink PVC jacket with mongolian fur trim: Paige-Amber Broom; Pink silk chiffon printed blouse and pink sequin bra: Meadham Kirchhoff; Light brown Latex trousers with pink ribbon ties: Custom made by Atsuko Kudo; Pink satin open toed poodle heels: Charlotte Olympia. Rei wears: Pink nylon short sleeve t-shirt with red leather trim: Ashley Williams; Pink 'playboy' dress: Charlotte Lewis; light brown leather thigh high boots with pink ribbon ties: Custom made by Atsuko Kudo; Pink and ombré orange stiletto shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Look 8:
Ali wears: Pink marabou headband: Piers Atkinson; Floral bow headband and multicoloured metallic dress: Luella; White sequin t-shirt: Ashish; Bracelets: Susan Caplan; Silver unicorn bag and orange and turquoise lace-up boots: Sophia Webster. Rei wears: Yellow fur cropped jacket: Marques Almeida; Blue and pink swimsuit: Louise Kay Hoyle; Metallic blue denim asymmetric skirt: Marques Almeida; Lilac fishnet tights: Jonathan Aston; Black suede with pink and turquoise floral detail clogs: Sophia Webster
Look 9:
Ali wears: Grey tulle embroidered body: Topshop Unique; Yellow and red beaded bra: Louise Gray; Red metallic snakeskin skirt: Meadham Kirchhoff; Pink cotton socks: Topshop; Yellow fluffy sandals: Charlotte Lewis. Rei wears: Orange fake fur coat: Shrimps; Pink fur top: Marques Almeida; Pink, red and white lace trousers: Ryan Lo; Pink leopard print boots: Vivienne Westwood


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