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LiveStudio: Carine Gilson

published on 21 November 2012

Watch the highlights from Carine Gilson's live streamed SHOWstudio residency. The lingerie doyenne crafts one of her couture negligées.

Watch the highlights from Carine Gilson's live streamed SHOWstudio residency. The lingerie doyenne crafts one of her couture negligées.

22 Q&A Posts

5 DEC 2012. 15:00

Q. Women think about many things (while working very concentrated), what are you thinking about right now!?
A. It is true. Many things. I am thinking ahead of the shoot; sometimes when you are focused on just the garments you miss things, and I hope that it all comes together as I hoped. 

5 DEC 2012. 13:13

Q. Am I correct in saying SHOWSTUDIO is in what used to be the old Maison Martin Margiela Store!? Margiela is Carine's favorite designer!!!!! Greetings Maison Martin Margiela Brussels
A. Yes it is!

5 DEC 2012. 12:32

Q. Hi Carine! How do you stay motivated to finish an entire piece in such a short period of time?
A. La passion! When you love what you do. If I do this all the time I have less spontaneity and creativity, but I would like to take more time to do this.

5 DEC 2012. 11:10

Q. There was quite a bit less detail yesterday, how many hours did you have to work last night on hem detailing?
A. I was joking when I said it took all night! The factory in Belgium were working on this piece all day whilst I was working on the sleeve here, under my instruction.

5 DEC 2012. 11:01

Q. Carine! You are as elegant as your collections. Thank you for showing us your studio practice and your patient approach to design! I believe you just opened a shop in London. Where is it? I must go immediately.
A. Don't go today as today it is exceptionally closed, please go tomorrow! The shop is on Pont Street.

5 DEC 2012. 10:58

Q. What is it about chantilly lace you're attracted to? Is it purely aesthetic, or is there something about it's history?
A. I use only Chantilly lace as it is the finest lace. I have used silk lace too, which is beautiful when you lay over silk, it is like a jacquard. I only used it for this one collection though as it is so exclusive. I will use again, maybe in twenty years!

5 DEC 2012. 10:58

Q. This looks entirely beautiful. If I want to buy it, how can i?
A. You cannot buy it is unique! If you wish to order though we can do. I think it will be on display here (in Bruton Place) though for a month in the gallery.

5 DEC 2012. 10:58

Q. WOW! The studio looks different from yesterday! Did you move space?
A. We're just painting for the shoot. Yesterday was working, today we dream. With the black mousseline it picks out the bright elements of the déshabillé and also represents the night-time.

4 DEC 2012. 17:33

Q. Do you feel there is a difference between the ideal model for ready-to-wear fashion and the model you would use for your couture lingerie? Do you feel there is a more feminine ideal for you than the straight-up-straight-down ideal of high fashion and you can design for all sizes?
A. Not completely. I am working with soft silks and with pieces like a bra they cannot use too much fabric. It is different with the more flou pieces like this deshabillé which are more free...

4 DEC 2012. 17:29

Q. Have you ever used other types of lace than that which you are using here? Have you ever tried to use lace from places outside of France?
A. I can only use this lace as I am using silk fabrics like mousseline and it needs to move in the same way, other types do not do this. I have used other types of lace but they need to be delicate for these pieces.

4 DEC 2012. 17:15

Q. You have spoken about using the vintage, reissued styles of lace from French suppliers, do you ever use antique lace?
A. Yes. I love to use antique lace. In fact I met somebody on the train who knew me but I didn't know them. We got talking and they told me their grandparents had a factory and had closing, selling on their lace. I was so upset, I would have loved to have bought it!

4 DEC 2012. 15:19

Q. In case a big lingerie label asks you to work/design for them (like Raf Simons for Dior) would you accept?
A. Maybe someday. In the past with some I have said yes, with some I have said no. It is important to do what you love.

4 DEC 2012. 15:15

Q. Famous women already wear your creations! Which person would you die for if she wears your creations?
A. I don't wish to limit myself in this way, I have women that admire like Grace Kelly who had poise and elegance and perhaps Nicole Kidman who is playing her in the new film...

4 DEC 2012. 15:10

Q. Not "haute couture" but "haute lingerie" maybe? What period are you most inspired by? annees 30/40/50 60?
A. I like the period of Art Nouveau, Art Deco... the early 20th century, although not just one time inspires me. It can be anything.

4 DEC 2012. 15:01

Q. How and when did you decide to do lingerie?
A. When I bought my factory, at 23. I was producing my final collection which was all camisoles and combinaisons and visited it, there were 4 old ladies and they said they were closing. I bought it, and more than 20 years later I have a different factory but I am still here!

4 DEC 2012. 14:46

Q. how long does it take to make a bra? do you design the lace(dentelle)?
A. It is hard to say, especially in comparison to big industry who can make one in 30 minutes or so. I would say about 3 to 4 hours...

4 DEC 2012. 13:57

Q. Hi Carine, I discovered your product long before I learned to know you. I would like to tell you how much I love what you do in general and the work you present today. I have been wearing your pieces for years now and I truly believe they are like magic. You said your work makes men happy. They make women feel extremely good, unique and beautiful. Aminata.
A. Thank you! It is lovely to have men as well as women that I don't know come and tell me that I make them happy!

4 DEC 2012. 13:38

Q. Do you design for yourself? What would be your dream project for yourself?
A. I don't really design for myself, it starts with the lace and the silk and with the métier.

4 DEC 2012. 13:02

Q. Hi Carine - we hope you are getting on well working on the proportion lingerie form - she looks lovely and we cannot wait to see the final garment.
A. Thank you, we just need to find out how to change her height!

4 DEC 2012. 12:38

Q. Dear Carine, it's so nice watching this live stream. I loved what you were discussing about lace both revealing and concealing at the same time. I make corsets which interest me for similar reasons (they are both hard/soft, revealing/concealing, restricting/freeing), using a lot of lace and silk to contrast with the firmness of the structure. I would love to know, are you most drawn to soft or structured lingerie? Thank you, all the best.
A. Both. Some pieces like the bustier they require more structure but the deshabillés comme ça they require something more soft. I couldn't choose.

4 DEC 2012. 11:10

Q. Dear Carine, Did you ever think of expanding your lingerie to menswear ? Thank you.
A. I am still expanding my couture line, so maybe in the future, but not yet!

4 DEC 2012. 10:52

Q. Quelle bonne idée, ce live stream! bisou de bruxelles, Linda.
A. Thank you Linda!

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