Video Diary: Flight

by Asia Argento on 17 October 2006

'I need a friend, I feel so lonely.' Asia Argento bares all in her second video diary, and members of the public get invested in the comments section.

'I need a friend, I feel so lonely.' Asia Argento bares all in her second video diary, and members of the public get invested in the comments section.

Video Comments

20:21 17 Oct 2006
Asia,mon amour,je serai toujours ton ami.We knew each other for a very short time and I have never stopped missing you.I am your friend.Look my name is FRIEND,c'est le destain. Ton ami.

20:41 17 Oct 2006
Child,don't be alone in the world,you have friends and you have so much .I have to admit to a little shyness in saying this but can I ask you questions? You famously said you liked freaks more than real people,can you tell me what are freaks to you? I too can be a friend,at least for this video diary,I want to get to know why you are you.

23:35 17 Oct 2006
I like you but only know you through media.Meaning I'm no friend because we never experienced a confrontation. Whats going to happen in Italy is going to happen. Don't torture yourself too much. What you do right now can be an interesting thing but until a certain extent. I hope there are some inspiring assholes or maybe even some sweet people to give you a lot of attention and distraction.Its really nice to look in to youre eyes to follow days

04:19 18 Oct 2006
If you look there are tons of people to befriend, and look a little harder and you'll find some real good one's. i feel bad for you, i feel lonely when i am betrayed by friends, it hurts to be lonely like that, feeling all by yourself. Remember how many people are in the world, and imagine the possibilities of the different types of people. There are really cool people out here, but you just have to find them, and then hold on to them. you are lucky to have your daughter to hold onto for life. I'm not saying chin up, because blue times are times just like bright times, they help you change, you must change for things to get better. think transition, and never stop looking for cool people. you should know what cool people are. never have to many friends. only good ones.

20:53 18 Oct 2006
thanks for um keeping it real. and dont loose sight of yourself, you don't always have to be wild and crazy, after all, who is "everyone", its a myth... be strong and survive, and enjoy life. x

Se'an O'Brien
11:04 21 Oct 2006
This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

18:32 27 Oct 2006
Asia my dear, I can relate totally to how lonley and sad you feel. I've spent many years fighting it and it always comes back no matter what. its very strange.. something very deep and i think there are just some of us that go thru it... in that way. But i want you to know, if i could be your friend i would love to. you are everything that's real to me and beautiful and just, the kind of girl i could totally see myself hanging with. (mind you i dont have many friends at all, mostly just my family) because friends are very hard to find and women can be so curel. but i love you so much and if you ever need anything, if it means anything- im here... xxxxxxx

05:08 02 Nov 2006
That is a fantastic robe...what kind is it?

04:48 30 Nov 2006
I think that everyone can relate to being lonely. Everyone has some friends but most of the time its more like cover up friends not real friends. A real friend will be with you in good and bad times but not all of the time unless that friend i your other half and even then they might not always be there with you. I have noticed one thing about this world and that is that you are bron alone, you will feel alone and you will die alone everything else is just to let time pass by. P.S the best friend anymore can have is their child don't ever let go of them laz

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