Launched on 20 May 2009

In celebration of the launch of Simon Costin's touring Museum of British Folklore, Britannica showcases an interview with the inimitable Costin himself, alongside rare archive footage of the age-old but oft-forgot traditions of this Sceptred Isle that form the crux of this unique new venture.




21 November 2001
Beauty and impermanence are explored in this collaborative art installation by Alexander McQueen, Nick Knight and Bjork.

Compulsive Viewing: The Films Of Guy Bourdin

17 April 2003
Discover the moving image work of Guy Bourdin; eleven fashion films edited from never-before-seen archival footage and showcased exclusively by SHOWstudio.

White Dunk

28 October 2003
Explore the extraordinary works in an exhibition dedicated to Nike's classic 'Dunk' basketball trainer at Palais de Tokyo.
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