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Interview: Betony Vernon on Paradise Found

published on 25 November 2022

'The best way to learn a language is by reading erotica' - Betony Vernon.

Erotic jewellery designer Betony Vernon sits down to talk about her new book Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury For Sybarites published by Rizzoli in a tell-all interview with journalist Anastasiia Fedorova, covering all things BDSM, kink activism and the language used around sex.

What started with an admiration for William Marston's Wonder Woman turned into a lifetime's work dedicated to enhancing sexual pleasure for all by creating erotic jewellery collections and becoming an advocate for BDSM and kink. From being a 22-year-old designer whose collections were turned away from Barney's New York for being 'too perverted' to becoming an acclaimed sex activist and designer, here Vernon reveals her story.

In addition to the interview, SHOWstudio's Christina Donoghue responded with a personal essay On the Silencing of Women's Pleasure, asking yet-to-answered questions surrounding equality of the sexes when it comes to better pleasure for all.

'The best way to learn a language is by reading erotica' - Betony Vernon.

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