And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Launched on 15 February 2005

Peter Saville, Julie Verhoeven, Bay Garnett, Judy Blame, Nick Knight and other members of the SHOWstudio community created a selection of t-shirt graphics exclusively for SHOWstudio.



Spray On Christmas

20 December 2002
As a Christmas gift to our viewers, SHOWstudio recruited some of our friends to design a set of downloadable decorations.

Love, Angel, Music, Baby

04 November 2004
SHOWstudio viewers were given the opportunity to download Nick Knight's larger-than-life Gwen Stefani poster.


10 April 2007
The release of a new Björk album can only mean two things: new musical territory, the likes of which the world has never experienced, and a cover image to match...
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