Adidas Spezial

Launched on 18 July 2013

A firm antidote to the reams of high fashion trainer fans, Gary Aspden has been collecting Adidas shoes and apparel since his childhood in Northern England in the seventies. After years of working for the brand – during which his collection swelled to over 800 pairs of trainers – Aspden decided to draw inspiration from the democratic nature of sportswear by sharing his collection with the public via an exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery from 19-27 July 2013.

Main Contributors



Sole Searching in South America 2

23 November 2015
In the follow up to the first adidas Originals documentary, a group of adidas fans revisit an obscure trainer store in Argentina.


03 November 2015
A project exploring Northern identity, depictions of the North of England in fashion imagery and the importance of place in creativity.

White Dunk

28 October 2003
Explore the extraordinary works in an exhibition dedicated to Nike's classic 'Dunk' basketball trainer at Palais de Tokyo.
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