Tribute Brand Have Opened A Virtual Flagship Store

by SHOWstudio on 23 March 2023

The digital fashion collective have partnered up with multiplayer platform MONA on two virtual spaces.

The digital fashion collective have partnered up with multiplayer platform MONA on two virtual spaces.

While still in its early stages the road towards fashion’s digital future has been paved with some pretty lofty goals. With AR wearables and AI-generated models getting more realistic with every update, what were once fantasies are quickly becoming realities. Well, digital fashion collection and ikon-1 designer Tribute Brand are pioneering fashion’s future in the metaverse by launching two virtual spaces where users can turn digital assets into avatars enabling a space to hang out and socialise.

Tribute Street — Rue Saint-Honoré

Created in partnership with MONA, a multiplayer platform for virtual socialisation, Tribute Brand presents Tribute Street — Rue Saint-Honoré and PUNK store. Modelled after Paris’ legendary shopping street, Tribute Street serves as an open-world space that will be lined with shops with every new update. The first shop, of course is PUNK Store.

PUNK Store

Owners of digital assets from Tribute Brand’s PUNK brand will have access to the virtual space as a 1 of 1 avatar. The project inspired by Victoria's Secret PINK gives users access to three different assets including $PUNKY (a 3D digital mascot), a redeemable NFC chip-enabled physical PUNK tracksuit, and a PUNK typeface. The space was inspired by nightclubs and even features different levels with varied music allowing users to indulge in a multi-sensory exploration. With exploration in mind, PUNK Store even includes an underground sewage system. The best part? It's open 24/7.

Explore Tribute Street — Rue Saint-Honoré and PUNK Store on MONA.



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