Sport And Fashion Come Together In New Magazine 'CircleZeroEight'

by SHOWstudio on 19 January 2022

CircleZeroEight is a new multimedia magazine that tackles sport like never before; creating a home for global sport within the luxury publishing market.

CircleZeroEight is a new multimedia magazine that tackles sport like never before; creating a home for global sport within the luxury publishing market.

As the new year rolls in, it's common for there to be an explosion of wellness trends focusing on well being, health and a general change for the better. For many, January is a month strongly associated with that new Yoga routine you've been meaning to try out for some time, or even that daily morning jog you've always wanted to commit to, in an attempt to live a healthier (and happier) life. Although these routines often sway around mid-January, some - the ones we all envy - stick to their New Year goals, pursuing a lifestyle change with it.

With that in mind, if you're one of those that's always been curious about trying new sports, there's a new magazine on the block that fuses everything sports-related with style and culture - a sort of fashionable fitness bible, if you will. Despite there being countless magazines dedicated to all things style and culture, few dabble in the world of sports, a missed opportunity when you consider the vast array of designers who've recently jumped on the sportswear hype. Alas, the new CircleZeroEight has arrived, and it's looking to fill that very obvious sports-related gap in the stylised world of fashion publishing.

Founded in autumn 2021 by former British GQ style deputy editor and fashion director Elgar Johnson, CircleZeroEight was developed to reflect sport's global impact and influence, exploring how different fields intersect with sport whilst discovering and giving exposure to other subcultures. Creating a versatile community, CircleZeroEight will cover art and culture, technology, fashion, grooming and beauty alongside social change, subcultures and documentary projects, featuring legendary fashion creatives Katie Grand, Saul Nash and even photographer Ewen Spencer.

Speaking of the new magazine in a statement, Johnson commented:

'I think of sport like space. It just surrounds you. Even if you are not someone that physically participates, you are mentally aware of it. The intertwining of sport with so many different cultures from art, music to fashion is one of the most exciting areas of collaboration on the planet. CircleZeroEight is here to provide an environment to showcase this ever-evolving phenomenon.'

So, there we have it, not just a sports magazine, or another fashion magazine but both, intertwined under the same singular title CircleZeroEight. Coming soon in April 2022.




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