Martine Rose is Holding a Digital Fashion Presentation and You're Invited

by SHOWstudio on 8 January 2021

What We Do All Day glimpses into the lives of twenty-four Martine Rose inhabitants.

What We Do All Day glimpses into the lives of twenty-four Martine Rose inhabitants.

Martine Rose has today revealed the details for her latest presentation. Veering away from the IRL runway shows and lookbooks Martine Rose fans know and love, which have taken place in markets, London cul-de-sacs and living rooms, What We Do All Day is a real-time experience which we're all invited to.

Community is at the core of the Martine Rose brand. Her clothes are for the local lad you know and love so well; each collection is inspired directly by Rose's immediate London environment and those around her. Next week, on Tuesday January 12 2021, Rose will be inviting you to enter a simulated housing block inhabited by 24 people who will be presented via personal films. Described by the team as '...a portrait of the present', the digital venue created by Martine Rose and design studio International Magic can be seen on the show's sign-up page. A red brick and concrete block of flats is clearly inspired by Brutalist and social architecture, and as warm sunlight turns to a faded blue sky, red and orange lighting emanates from the flat windows, beckoning us inside.

Going live for a limited time for three performances (to facilitate different time zones), What We Do All Day is presented as a time capsule preserving how human beings are feeling in a post-pandemic world.

'It’s a glimpse of what the camera doesn’t ordinarily see, a tour of private worlds from Tokyo to Moscow, Nairobi to Ramallah, London to Los Angeles. The invitation list is limitless but the event will not be repeated' says the Martine Rose team.

Stay tuned on SHOWstudio; we've been working on something special with Martine Rose to give you the ultimate insight into What We Do All Day.

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Most of all it is a place where we can be together – a record of the unremarkably intimate and radically strange.


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