Magliano and U-Power Begin Again For S/S 24

by SHOWstudio on 8 April 2024

The hallmark work of U-Power becomes hyper-real romantic thanks to Magliano and Daughter of Lama

The hallmark work of U-Power becomes hyper-real romantic thanks to Magliano and Daughter of Lama

Bologna-born Luca Magliano and workwear-first Italian company U-Power continue their ongoing collaboration into fashion territories. Pragmatism is the foundation for both sides. Magliano brings a Capricorn sense of big-picture perspectives, relentlessness and resiliency that ties into his own collections’ reality-based storytelling. U-Power innovates workwear with high-performance technology that combines track shoe support and non-abrasive fibres for truly happy feet. As Magliano and U-Power come together again to sharpen up their proposal across three shoes for S/S 24, through this approach we begin to see what Italian workwear looks like.

Magliano x U-Power by Daughter of Lama

The collections’ campaign is explained by the heightened, trademark scale and importance of proletariat-facing set designers Daughter of Lama. In their hands, those Magliano blue-collar codes and fluid romanticism, particularly for A/W 24, get blended across a mammoth sculpture. Daughter of Lama gives tangible importance to workers here, bound by a heightened unity of tenderness within a shared, interconnected experience of labour. Daily encounters that we all relate to nine-to-five days a week are the sensation of something real, something relevant, that enhances the worker as a giant-sized emblem of heroism. Who knew that work boots could be so romantic?

Magliano x U-Power Latitude

This massive erection of class power and cultural classicism becomes a testament to the labour and hardscrabble luxury each shared value between Magliano and U-Power represents. Work hard but love harder.

The Magliano x U-Power S/S24 collection styles — Scandy, Fit and Latitude — are all available right now.



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