Galeries Lafayette Are Taking A Trip To The Metaverse With EGONlab.

by SHOWstudio on 22 June 2022

Dipping its toes into virtual fashion, the legendary retailer has created three wearable NFTs with the emerging French brand.

Dipping its toes into virtual fashion, the legendary retailer has created three wearable NFTs with the emerging French brand.

Opening its doors as a retailer over 125 years ago, Galeries Lafayette is nothing short of a Parisian institution. Still, the legendary shop floors aren’t showing any signs of age with its first foray into digital fashion. The department store has teamed up with the 2021 ANDAM award winning label EGONlab. to create NFTs based on designs from the innovative brand's S/S 23 collection that was presented last night. Three items from the show are set to be transformed into wearable NFTs that will be available for anyone to try on from the comforts of home, including a shirt, boots, and bow. Those who snap a pic or video will be entered for a chance to win one of the exclusive digital assets with versions for Decentraland and Sandbox, along with a physical piece from the collection.

EGONlab. S/S 23 menswear

The move into the digital space is part of the retailer’s summer campaign, French Touch, that celebrates the nations emerging artists and designers. Teaming up with EGONlab. for this all-digital concept shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the innovative label has never been shy when embracing Web 3 technology. Last year the brand released an NFT coinciding with its Crocs collaboration, along with the creation of an immersive digital space on its website referred to as the microverse. This time around, they promise not to release direct copies, but rather augmented pieces from the collection in ways that wouldn't be possible IRL.

The virtual designs will be available to try on via the Galeries Lafayette website this evening, with the contest running until 18 July. For those lucky enough to be in the fashion capital, physical installations and events coinciding with the release will be running all summer long at Galeries Lafayette.

EGONlab. x Galeries Lafayette



EGONlab. S/S 23

Designers: Florentin Glémarec and Kévin Nompeix

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