Fecal Matter and Berlin-based Shoebrand Trippen Unite

by SHOWstudio on 28 June 2021

The non-conforming duo have created two different genderless boot styles inspired by Trippen's 'Happy Sole' shoe.

The non-conforming duo have created two different genderless boot styles inspired by Trippen's 'Happy Sole' shoe.

The Montreal-based non-conforming fashion duo Fecal Matter has teamed up with Berlin-based shoe brand Trippen to create two genderless boot styles, using Trippen's 'Happy Sole' as a base to create their own unique designs.

By using an intriguing combination of prosthetics, alien aesthetics and fetish gear, the multi-disciplinary label is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of societal beauty norms through their provocative designs and arresting imagery. Despite not typically participating in the 'fashion collaboration hype', the hyper-realistic duo have decided to pair with Trippen due to mutual values regarding freedom of expression and preserving independence from 'the chains of the system'.

Speaking of the Trippen Happy Sole design, and why they decided to focus on that particular style, Fecal Matter explained that, 'We have always admired Trippen's footwear and always see fascinating characters wearing their signature Happy Sole boots all around the world, especially in London'. Admiring the brand's ethos as well as their overall style, Fecal Matter added, 'When deciding whether or not to collaborate with a brand, we always dissect the company's ethos and communicate beforehand to validate its level of authenticity...Trippen is a brand that shares a lot of similar values to us, so it was a great match.'

Fecal Matter x Trippen

Founded in 2016 by designers Steven Raj Bhaskaran and Hannah Rose Dalton, Fecal Matter isn't to everyone's taste. While some adore their human-hybrid imagery, what they put out into the world, and what they stand for in terms of self-expression, some find it unsettling, questioning the alienesque quality their work possesses. Whatever your preference, your eyes are bound to be transfixed or at the very least, intrigued.

The two styles the duo have created - a thigh-high boot named Confined and an ankle-version called Hardcore - are made in vegetable-tanned leather in 'Waw' black and available in sizes that Fecal Matter have said 'scale up beyond the regular commercial offering, allowing inclusivity for all types of wearers.'

Through the design process, the Fecal Matter duo made up of Bhaskaran and Dalton said they set out to explore the concept of gender identity and self-expression, commenting:

'We wanted to create something that was provoking enough and comfortable enough for all the individuals who walk through life fearlessly. Basically, an everyday shoe that embodies all of our values and aesthetic. We focused on exploring the concept of identity in hopes to create something pure and authentic. The two styles of boots embody the Fecal Matter codes by playing on themes of body modification through piercing the leather skin with industrial metal hardware and chain while offering Trippen's focus on comfort and sustainability. Even though the design process of this collaboration happened entirely virtually through the lenses of the pandemic, the boots undeniably reflect and communicate the strength and vulnerability that went into this partnership.'

Fecal Matter x Trippen

You can find out more about the Fecal Matter x Trippen collaboration and buy the two new styles here.


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