Digital Fashion Pioneer Partners With 'Real Leather. Stay Different' Competition

by SHOWstudio on 31 May 2022

The design competition partnership will democratise education through a new discourse on fashion futures, reshaping the industry's one step at a time.

The design competition partnership will democratise education through a new discourse on fashion futures, reshaping the industry's one step at a time.

The Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) have partnered with Real Leather. Stay Different on the International Student Design Competition 2022, a move which reflects a shift in the industry to make sustainability inherent to the production of luxury goods. Knowing how to help is the first step to changing the industry for the better, resulting in a digital future that benefits all.

In terms of the actual design contest, participants will be challenged to design one piece of clothing, footwear or accessory (minimum 50% leather), with shortlisted finalists invited to present their design concept to the judges during a live showcase final (and an all-expenses-paid trip to London, during London Fashion Week). As part of the partnership, IoDF will host a free digital fashion workshop on 15 June, open to fashion students globally. The winner will have their work transformed into an AR try-on experience.

The competition is open to current art and design students as well as those who have graduated within the last two years and will run in partnership with ArtsThread - encouraging the next generation of designers to reconsider their relationship with leather and natural materials in a way previous generations never have (or are only just coming around to). The aim is to create beauty with longevity whilst incorporating both physical and digital fashion.

IoDF co-founders Cattytay and Leanne Elliott Young

It's also important to remember, that this isn't just another marketing tool to help sell more clothes (something IoDF have repeatedly stated they're against), instead - it's about powering forward in ways fashion never has before, cleverly put by IoDF co-founder & CEO Leanne Elliott Young in the below statement:

'Pushing technology as a solution to not just sell more clothes, but to disrupt the way the system concepts, produces, creates and educates is core to the work we deliver at IoDF. Teaching these 3D making skills are integral, our work is rooted deeply in creating an opportunity for further social discourse on fashion's futures and supporting in democratising digital especially towards the talent of the future. Working with Real Leather. Stay Different. on this project has brought to light the importance of education and making digital fashion more accessible.'

The union will also see IoDF co-founders, Leanne Elliott Young and Cattytay join the judging panel at the global final, alongside a industry leads including Christopher Koerber (managing director of HUGO BOSS Ticino), Rosie Wollacott Phillips (group sustainability manager of Mulberry), celebrity stylist Mike Adler and the 2021 winner Emily Omesi.

Clarifying the competition's mission, Steve Sothmann commented on behalf of Real Leather. Stay Different:

'(This) is to spark the interest of young designers to work with responsibly produced real leather which puts hides that otherwise go to landfill, to good use. Too many of our fashion choices end up in landfill, creating an unwanted legacy from today's society that will damage the environment for centuries. Working with IoDF gives us the opportunity to empower the next generation with digital skills that reduce waste in the design process.'

Finalists will have their design professionally made to present to the judges - entries being accepted until 30 June.

Real Leather. Stay Different. x IoDF



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