Farrow & Ball Taps Designer of Dreams Christopher John Rogers For Their Latest Collaboration

by Christina Donoghue on 17 August 2023

To be a fashion designer means to have an eye for colour. American designer Christopher John Rogers' latest collaboration with British paint and wallpaper business Farrow & Ball proves he has exactly that and so much more.

To be a fashion designer means to have an eye for colour. American designer Christopher John Rogers' latest collaboration with British paint and wallpaper business Farrow & Ball proves he has exactly that and so much more.

In 2021, our then fashion critic M-C Hill profiled America's designer of dreams Christopher John Rogers ahead of the designer's launch of his Pre-Fall 2022 collection. 'Rogers not only understands his place in society but responds to it, alongside the zeitgeist that his world revolves around', wrote Hill, commenting on the designer's need to use fashion as a form of self-expression.

Fashion has always been integral to the Christopher John Rogers brand and has even somewhat filtered into his latest collaboration with British paint and wallpaper business, Farrow & Ball; however, for this collaboration, Roger has put using fashion as a means to communicate on the backseat here. There is an emphasis on colour and style, of course, but it's not a dress that boasts the luxuriousness a Christopher John Rogers label brings; it's, instead, a paint bucket.

Shade: Pea Flower Tea, Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball

Born and raised in Louisiana, Rogers became enamoured by art from a young age, finding inspiration in everything from Ellsworth Kelly to the costumes of comic book characters and even, so he says, airport décor. His designs unequivocally ooze quality and timelessness, all while exploring the space between pragmatism and glamour. They also follow Rogers' philosophy of 'declaring your sense of self', a motto partly inspired by American drag queen Violet Chachki who once said, 'Know who you are and bring it to them every time'. If one thing is for sure, Rogers knows who he is.

Despite the collaboration titled Carte Blanche (translating to Blank Paper) — the capsule collection predictably bursts with pattern and colour, representing Farrow & Ball and Christopher John Rogers at their best. In true home decor fashion, the collection's inspiration is lovingly formed by 'cherished memories of food and family', experiences that revolve around the idea of the home as a holy sanctuary. Playing with shape and colour, the collection, which is comprised of 12 new paint shades, ranges from vivid blue to verdant green, cheerful pink to structural neutral. 'This is the first time we have created a capsule that allows customers to play exclusively within this palette', Farrow & Ball's creative director Charlotte Cosby tells me. 'It has the perfect complimentary soft white "Au Lait" and silky black "Liquorice". You don't need to look outside this palette for a full décor experience.' Adding to the intrigue, Cosby causally mentions that, 'this is the first-ever Farrow & Ball wallpaper collaboration', admitting, 'we have predominately stuck to our historic designs, but this is really exciting because it's so fresh. The three wallpaper designs connect beautifully to Christopher's work; Dot, Stripe and Check and are all handprinted in our Dorset Factory.'

Shade: Romesco, Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball

So, how did the collaboration come about? 'We just kept pestering him', admits Cosby. 'We never thought he would say yes'. Despite coming as a somewhat surprise to Rogers' fashion-loving fans, this isn't his first interiors rodeo. 'I think as I get older, I'm increasingly less concerned with the concept of "fashion", and more with the idea of expression as a continual exercise', Rogers told me via email. 'I love developing tools for people to communicate who they are to the world without having to say a single word, and I believe that a space can telegraph those messages just as much as the wardrobe. Above all, it's clear that mere existence and intention are enough to get Rogers' creative spark flowing; 'I love the idea of living life in an intentional way as a continual exercise', he notes. Even if fashion is his usual medium, it looks like the industry may have to share Rogers with other creative disciplines.

Shade: Shallot, Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball

Fashion may not take the forefront here, but Rogers hasn't moved away from the principles of the medium; instead, he just adapted them to serve a different purpose. 'I'm obsessed with Christopher's use of colour', reveals Cosby in the press release. 'He treats it so tenderly, and the result can be a beautifully tempered explosion or a slick, confident splash' - sounds like the bones of his fashion brand, if you ask us. Speaking of his fashion collections, Cosby said, 'His lines are impeccable, and you can't help but be drawn to the exquisite quality of his pieces, whether it's an oversized knit or finely tailored structure, which is a key reason why he felt like such a natural partner for us. It's been incredible to work with Christopher because craft and attention to detail are intrinsic to both of our processes, so I always knew this collaboration was going to be something special.'

Not only does Rogers share a love of craft and attention to detail with the interiors brand but, in his words, 'A love and understanding of nuanced colour...and timeless design', expressing that 'It's been brilliant working with a team that understands all of these things and holds them in equally high regard.' All we'll say is the winter months are coming and once summer is over, darkness will creep up on us once more. Best to brighten your pad with a stylish pop of colour while you still can.

Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball
Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball



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