Everything You Need To Know About At.Kollektive’s New Shoes

by SHOWstudio on 23 January 2024

Kiko Kostadinov, Peter Do and Nina Christen return for their second At.Kollektive collection.

Kiko Kostadinov, Peter Do and Nina Christen return for their second At.Kollektive collection.

What happens when you give three of the world’s brightest emerging talents access to some of the finest leather in the world? Well, you get At.Kollektive. The initiative first set out in 2022 by Danish tannery Ecco Leather is entering their fourth season with the second collection by their current roster of guest designers; Kiko Kostadinov, Peter Do, and Nina Christen. Here’s your rundown of each designer’s sophomore offering for At.Kollektive.

Kiko Kostadinov for At.Kollektive

Kiko Kostadinov

Crafted under the creative direction of the London brand's womenswear branch, Laura and Deanna Fanning, the twins turned to the innovation and precision they witnessed at At.Kollektive’s tanneries. This resulted in a futuristic collection defined by curvilinear lines. This is best showcased in the Jemison shoe with its cage-esque sole detailing straight out of a sci-fi fantasy. Blurring the lines between form and function, the utilitarian style in monochromatic colour ways is perfectly paired with the space-age suits for a head-to-toe look.

Kiko Kostadinov for At.Kollektive

Peter Do

Refined beyond his years, we couldn’t think it possible for Do to elevate his first collection for At.Kollektive… but he has. Perfecting his sharp, unisex silhouettes, the designer’s inaugural sneaker (the Hybrid) is joined by a sleek loafer and ballerina design. The OG has evolved utilising a clever leather technique that mimics the look and feel of folds and creases.

Peter Do for At.Kollektive

Nina Christen

Renowned for her instantly iconic shoe designs, unveils the Boxing Boot in her second collection for At.Kollektive. Crafted from ultra-soft silky nappa leather and inspired by the sport, this knockout boot combines elegance with a sporty edge. Christen's design process, once again initiated at the ECCO-owned tannery in Holland, benefits from the global giant's support in leather innovation and development.

The collection will be available at atkollektive.com and in select stores.

Nina Christen for At.Kollektive



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