Duran Lantink Takes Over SHOWstudio's Tumblr

by SHOWstudio on 1 November 2019

Duran Lantink is the latest creative to curate SHOWstudio's Tumblr.

Duran Lantink is the latest creative to curate SHOWstudio's Tumblr.

Dutch designer Duran Lantink is the newest creative to takeover SHOWstudio’s Tumblr. The first week of every month sees a new fashion industry insider curate the platform to showcase their work. During Fashion Month the take-over is exclusively helmed by illustrators, who interpret the various shows and collections.

Still from The Bargain Hunters

Throughout this week Lantink, who was shortlisted for the 2019 LVMH Prize, will share his amazing cut and paste design. He specialises in upcycling methods and collage techniques to create sustainable designs and has previously collaborated with SHOWstudio on fashion films Cut ’n’ Shut and The Bargain Hunters which showcased his innovative style and his passion for diverse beauty.

We can’t wait to see what Lantink comes up with during his Tumblr takeover!

Still from The Bargain Hunters


Fashion Film

Fashion Film: Cut 'n' Shut

19 July 2019
Nick Knight captures Dutch designer Duran Lantink’s reconstructed clothing in an innovative fashion film.
Live Stream

Shoot Footage: The Bargain Hunters Day 2

26 February 2019
The final day of our two-day live stream, The Bargain Hunters, with Duran Lantink.

Duran Lantink Launches Exclusive Capsule Collection with Browns

11 October 2019
Browns tapped Dutch designer and LVMH nominee Duran Lantink to create an exclusive capsule collection.
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