Brand Storytelling Redefined at VR Experience by Dr. Barbara Sturm and xydrobe

by Hetty Mahlich on 21 November 2023

As consumers crave novel retail experiences, Dr. Barbara Sturm and xydrobe propose a hybrid solution.

As consumers crave novel retail experiences, Dr. Barbara Sturm and xydrobe propose a hybrid solution.

Fashion may have dipped its toe in the murky waters of the metaverse through NFTs and various other virtual assets, but no major luxury brands have mastered using digital world-building to enrich retail shopping. xydrobe, a luxury virtual reality destination, could have the answer. Having recently collaborated with Givenchy and Manolo Blahnik, xydrobe craft bespoke immersive VR experiences, extending the realms of a brand's creative storytelling in the process.

Pause is xydrobe's latest holistic project, and turns the average beauty appointment on its head. Upon entering xydrobe's Mayfair space, you're immediately enveloped by plants and warm lighting. Cliché, but it's an oasis in Central London, sprinkled with the Sturm's globally renowned product offerings.

The belle of the ball, however, is the xydrobe itself. There's two in fact, able to cater to around eight guests per hour. The experience inside the beautiful fibreglass sphere is a solitary one, where for 13 minutes you are led deeper into a state of calm through breathwork and a narrator who guides you into a meditation of sorts. In the xydrobe, it's like nothing from the outside, real world, can touch you.

Wearing a VR headset, the visitor is taken on a journey through the custom Dr. Barbara Sturm environments xydrobe has built, made event more immersive by scents such as morning dew being released into the xydrobe.

Ultimately, it all makes you pause, suggestive of the self-care act that Sturm's products initiate. The xydrobe is a tool for brand storytelling, extending and enhancing the consumer's experience.


Visitors will enjoy 50 minutes in the space, which also includes an infrared therapy room.

Ticket Includes:

Private Multisensory VR Experience

Therapy Treatment

2 x Full Size Dr. Barbara Sturm Products

Molecular Herbal Infused Skin Tea

Bespoke Anti-Inflammatory Delicacy



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