A Meeting of Visionaries: Nick Knight Captures The New BMW i7

by SHOWstudio on 4 May 2022

Image maker Nick Knight looks to forwardism to inform his latest campaign for the German car giant BMW.

Image maker Nick Knight looks to forwardism to inform his latest campaign for the German car giant BMW.

'With this campaign, I explicitly wanted to free people’s perception up a little bit and allow them to interpret the images in a new way' - Nick Knight

Launched in May 2022, the latest BMW campaign shot by Nick Knight is equally daring as it is playful and thought-provoking, using both video and image to capture the brand new model's futuristic characteristics that dabble in the notions of forwardism; the idea of continually challenging convention to push for a better tomorrow.

Nick Knight x The i7

Seeing photography as a medium to explore the unseen and navigate away from the truth (something that opposes many people's traditional values about photography, embedded in the art form being a documentation of sorts), Knight decided to look to his own vision of forwardism as his main inspiration for the campaign. By inverting the colour space digitally, Knight could manipulate what was actually in front of his camera and a new reality was born, one that expressed fantasy as a new way of seeing and believing. Wanting his images to convey the same values as the new BMW i7, Knight also relates the car model to his own personal archive body of work, telling BMW in an interview that, 'Fashion is about rejecting what is now and replacing it with something that is new. I think that was exactly what Yamamoto did back then, and I feel like BMW is doing the same with the BMW i7.'

Shot amongst a makeshift, make-believe setting, courtesy of set designer Annika Lischek, the campaign turns our viewing habits upside down as stylist Sarajane Hoare's vision also brings to life Knight's concept of forwardism, rooted firmly in the future. There are seven accompanying campaign films shot by filmmaker Britt Lloyd that explore Knight's dynamic, disruptive and explorative vision further, also transporting the i7 model into another world, far away from the constraints of this one.

Explore the campaign on BMW.com.

Nick Knight x The i7
Nick Knight x The i7



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