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Fashion Film: Di Petsa S/S 21 Womenswear

by Di Petsa and Xtos on 12 June 2020

'The skin of the sea is an endless number of fluttering eyes, water is an eye that is always looking up.'

Greek womenswear designer Dimitra Petsa unveils her S/S 21 collection Self-Birth in a short film made in collaboration with musician Xtos, filmed on location in Greece. Exploring intimacy and connection, it is a new take on the Di Petsa 'Wetness' performance from last season, with a focus on maternal water and the process of finding love from within. In an unfamiliar climate of social distancing, the film becomes an exercise in connection in the absence of touch.

Women stand at the water's edge before being submerged into the sea in a ritualistic act of self pleasure. Water is examined as a vital force of life and rebirth that allows for introspection. Made entirely from deadstock and vintage fabric, the white and gold collection features Di Petsa's signature 'Wetlook' artisanal fabric, clinging to the wearer like a classical sculpture. Skin is celebrated in a state of decorated nakedness.

Swimwear is introduced for the first time in a fresh take on the signature 'breastfeeding corset' from A/W 20, whilst embroidery borrows from traditional techniques used in Greek orthodox priest wear. Made solely by women, the performers themselves are adorned with semi-precious stones and crystals recalling votive offerings, with carved seashell shapes echoing the birth of Venus and themes of metamorphosis.

'The skin of the sea is an endless number of fluttering eyes, water is an eye that is always looking up.'

Direction and Film Edit:
Di Petsa, Xtos
Melina Moreno, Elektra Avgouli, Emma Ferreira, Ekavi Arvaniti, Louiza Peratikou, Roza Andreou, Alexandra Koumantaki, Amalia Sgoumpopoulou
Ilektra Papanastasiou
Vivian Katsari
Maria Vitsa
Director of Photography:
Dimitris Lambridis
Film Camera:
Giorgos Grammatikos
Eirini Evangelia, Loukopoulou
Music and Sound Design:
Tim Rowkins
Marilena Elma, Efthymiou
Camera Assistant:
Marios Delias
Andrea Lampropoulos
Production Assistant:
Aimilia Milou
Special Thanks to:
Isidora Charbila, Petros Ioannidis, Ionnis Michelopoulos, Stefania Zefkili, Cekta


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