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Show Report: Sibling S/S 16 Womenswear

by Lucy Norris on 19 September 2015

Lucy Norris reports on the Sibling S/S 16 womenswear show.

Lucy Norris reports on the Sibling S/S 16 womenswear show.

No one whom you love has the power to leave you, and that was more than prevalent in this season’s joyous offering from Sibling.

Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery's first show without Joe Bates, following the designers death this year, was emotional, in the most exuberant way possible. They delivered not only one of their best collections to date, their love for women, style and the good times that life and loved ones can bring really shone through.

The French Riviera was the setting for the show, the glamour stakes were high, and the models look magnificent. The title of the show, And God Created Leopard, dovetailed nicely with not just the labels ongoing love for a feline spot, but this collection’s potential to intoxicate, just as a wild Brigitte Bardot spellbound her admirers, in And God Created Women.

Those pastel cigarettes, the ones that almost want you to take up smoking, inspired Neapolitan slabs of leopard print dégradé. Yum. Perspex accessories, lurex rainbow bombers, Tour-Eiffel crochet griddled dresses, itsy-bitsy bikinis, paillette loaded bathers, celebrated an unapologetic lust for life.

Sixties inspired designs gave us sherbet coloured spheres, as well as laser cut latex shifts, which added a super sharp geometric polish to the collection. The Baby G watches worn by the models would have covered their nipples better were than the bikini tops – spheres were flattened to barely there sweetie crochets. We didn’t care.  This was the South of France. Blanket-stitching worked well with the Perspex, it could have lent a subversive S&M vibe – but it actually just looked super graphic.

Jump Wide blasted over the sound system - courtesy of Double 99 - and we launched into a section that saw a Dolce Vita Italian spirit join this most glamorous of French Riviera parties. Roses and leopard leapt across mini dresses, and a super stylish lilac print was like Gianni giving us a wave through a Florentine window.

The collection built up to a playful collision of all of the above, latex was layered like a mille-feuille cake from the continent – or a magical jellyfish swept ashore. Trimmed with frills of crochet, this was one jellyfish you’d rather not avoid.

Ultra Nate’s You’re Free played as the models took their final exit. We were free to love it.



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