Statement: University of Westminster BA 2021

published on 2 June 2021

Introducing the most brilliant and original set of BA Fashion graduates, each one entirely individual, entirely authentic. This Westminster class of 2021 is fantastically strong, a remarkable collective of talent. That they have created these collections entirely under pandemic-enforced restricted conditions is remarkable.

I love when a year shows its strength through its individualism. Each student in this Westminster class has their own motivation and signature, whether it is addressing waste materials, questioning gender, addressing race, pushing the technicalities of design, or using cut and pattern to express deep emotion through garments. 

It’s been my pleasure to talk with the students during their final year, and my privilege to gain deeper insight into their work and talent. In this year without graduate shows, I urge you to spend time exploring the work of each student through the film and their portfolios, and maybe connect with them to learn more about their process. I promise it will be a rewarding experience. 

Please do join me in congratulating each and every student – I am so excited to see all that they are going to do.

Charlie Porter 
June 2nd 2021

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