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Show Report: Chanel A/W 17 Womenswear

by Lucy Norris on 8 March 2017

Lucy Norris reports on Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel A/W 17 show.

Lucy Norris reports on Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel A/W 17 show.

We're two years away from the 50 year anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, and the theme has been gradually hotting up in fashion for a few seasons. The re-launch of Courrèges and Paco Rabanne is testament alone to how much Gen Y are retro-future ready. The cinematic world of Interstellar, Gravity and Hidden Figures is already seeing the cinema align itself with what will be one of the biggest cultural anniversaries in our lifetime. 

In recent seasons, Chanel seems to think a show spectacle - in the shape of a big budget set - is enough to secure its relevance within the season. The first few knitted looks looked ordinary enough - but were teamed with glitter boots. Silver threads were increasingly woven into looks as the show went on. However, apart from an incredible silver foiled leather dress, it was mainly accessories that played into the story for the first part of the collection. Knitted headbands were embellished with white stones and gems. There were some snowy white looks that looked incredibly chic - and were like a beautiful louche take on elegance, or a jewel encrusted slice of 1960s utopia.  

An astronaut motif print, in repeat, on dresses and the sleeves of sweatshirts stepped things up a gear - and received a lot of Instagram attention. Some Rudi Gernreich style shapes saw holographic wraps pulled up high above the shoulder line. They were the most dynamic pieces here. Some constellation-like silver embellishments on a black pleated skirt were also heavenly though. The finale section could have so easily gone into a retro glam-rock place of Ziggy et al, but Lagerfeld kept it classic. Which is no bad thing.  Suddenly the rocket threatened take off - I really wish there had been a Charlie and the great glass elevator moment - and it actually had. As the pyrotechnics sparkled, Elton John's Rocket Man was the show's outro music. It was too good to resist, I guess. 



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